Road Signs You Must Know

1. quiz-img This sign means
Slow down and prepare to stop only if cars are approaching you.
Come to a full stop, then go when it is safe to do so.
Proceed carefully through the intersection, not always stopping.
Stop only for traffic on an intersecting road.

2. quiz-img This sign means
Pedestrians only.
Intersection ahead.
Hiking trails ahead.
School crossing ahead.

3. quiz-img This sign is a warning that you are approaching
An intersection.
A crosswalk.
A railroad crossing.
A blasting zone.

4. quiz-img This sign means
Merging traffic is approaching from the right.
Winding road ahead.
Right lane ends ahead, stay to the left.
Divided highway ahead.

5. quiz-img This sign means
One-way traffic
Intersection ahead.
Merging traffic from the right.
Highway curves ahead.

6. quiz-img This sign means
Divided highway ends.
One-way traffic ahead.
Two-way traffic ahead.
Keep to the right.

7. quiz-img This sign means
Continue at your current speed.
You must stop ahead.
Speeding is not allowed.
There is a traffic signal ahead.

8. quiz-img This sign means
Don't drink if you are going to drive.
Slippery when wet.
Road curves ahead.
You are approaching a hill.

9. quiz-img This sign is used to prevent
Entrance to full parking lots.
Entrance to road construction areas.
Entrance to dead-end streets.
Wrong-way entrance on one-way streets and expressway ramps.

10. quiz-img This sign means
All traffic turn left.
No left turn.
No U-turn.
Truck route to the left.

11. quiz-img This sign means
Highway changes ahead to the right.
Hiking trails ahead to the right.
Hotel ahead to the right.
Hospital ahead to the right.

12. quiz-img This sign means
Four-lane traffic ahead.
Divided highway ahead.
Two-way traffic ahead.
Intersection ahead.

13. quiz-img This sign means
Slow down if an emergency vehicle is approaching.
Look both ways as you cross the intersection.
Always come to a full stop at the intersection.
Slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary.

14. quiz-img This sign means
No left turn.
No stopping.
No U-turn.
Detour ahead.

15. quiz-img This sign means
Divided highway ahead.
One-way traffic ahead.
Four-lane highway ahead.
Divided highway ends.

16. quiz-img This sign means
Trucks under 18,000 lbs. allowed.
Hill ahead.
Truck stop ahead.
No trucks allowed.