Passenger Test 4

1. If your bus has an emergency exit door, it must:
Not have any signs, stickers, or markings anywhere near it
Have a red electric door light turned on at all times
Be secured when operating the bus
Meet all of the requirements listed in the answers above.

2. Which of the following must be closed while the bus is in motion?
Emergency windows
Roof vents
Both a and b

3. The standee line is:
A two inch line on the floor to the rear of the driver's seat
A line two feet from the rear exit
There is no such thing on a bus
A two inch line dividing the aisle in half

4. Charter drivers should:
Mention rules
Not allow riders on the bus until departure time
Explain rules
All of the above

5. At drawbridges with no signal you must stop at least:
5 to 10 feet before the draw of the bridge
15 to 20 feet before the draw of the bridge
50 feet before the draw of the bridge
20 to 25 feet before the draw of the bridge

6. Prohibited practices on the bus include:
Talking with riders while driving
All of these
Towing a disabled bus
Fueling your bus with riders on board

7. Buses may have recapped or re-grooved tires:
Only on the outside wheel of dual wheels.
On any or all the wheels
Anywhere except on the front wheels
Only when the average speed will be less that 40 mph

8. When you inspect your bus, you must make sure that:
Rider signaling devices are working
Every handhold and railing is secure
Emergency exit handles are secure
All of the above

9. If you have riders aboard, you must never fuel your bus:
With any of the windows open
In a closed building
Without a static chain
With a higher grade of fuel

10. A bus may carry baggage or freight only if it is secured so that:
Any driver can use all exits
Riders are protected from falling or shifting packages
The driver can move freely and easily
All of the above