Haz Mat Test 7

1. Which of the following choices is a hazard class you are not allowed to smoke around?
All of the above

2. Who is responsible for finding out what permits or special routes you will need to haul hazardous materials?
The state governor
The driver
The shipper
The carrier

3. If an "x" or "rq" is in the "hm" column of a shipping paper entry, the:
Shipment is regulated by hazardous material regulations.
Entry refers to the materials that must be top loaded.
Material listed on that line in the largest part of the shipment.
Material listed on that line in the smallest part of the shipment.

4. Which of the following, if required, must the shipper put on the package.
The required label
The hazardous materials shipping name and identification number
The name and address of shipper or consignee
All of the above

5. You are hauling hazardous materials and you find that one of your tires is leaking. You must:
Stop at the nearest safe place and fix it
Report it to your carrier immediately.
Continue at reduced speed and check that tire every 25 miles
All of the above are true.

6. Shipping papers must always be kept in one place when driving with hazardous materials. Where when wearing your seat belt?
On the drivers seat at all times.
Within reach at all times.
In a pouch on the drivers door.
Both b and c above

7. A vehicle contains 500 pounds each of explosives a and b, you must use:
"dangerous" placards
"explosives a" placards
"blasting agents" placards
None of the above

8. Who is responsible for checking to be sure the shipper correctly named, labeled, and marked a hazardous materials shipment?
The carrier
The driver
The shipper
The manufacturer

9. The shippers package hazardous materials, they must certify that this was done according to the regulations. The only exception is when:
The driver is given a sealed cargo compartment.
The shipment is a hazardous waste.
The shipper is a private carrier carrying his or her own product.
All of the above.