Car Quiz 6

1. Which of the following are signs of road rage?
Blowing the horn excessively
Forcing a car off the road
All of the above

2. Headrests should be adjusted so that the head restraint contacts the back of the head. This prevents
Accidents from behind.
Bodily injuries in a head-on collision.
Neck injuries if you are hit from behind.
Tightening of the seat belt in accidents.

3. When there are two or more lanes of traffic moving in the same direction, slower vehicles should use
The left lane.
The right lane, except when passing or making a left turn.
The center lane.
The left lane, except when passing or making a left turn.

4. quiz-img This sign indicates tha
The road ahead is closed permanently.
U-turns are not allowed.
Parking is not allowed.
Parking is allowed for people with disabilities only.

5. Flashing arrow boards (panels) may be used in work zones to
Guide drivers into certain parking areas.
Guide drivers into certain traffic lanes.
Indicate the permissible speed limit.
Stop all vehicles near a work zone.

6. At a stop sign, you are waiting to turn right. A vehicle approaching from the left has its turn signal on. You should
Go ahead and turn because the other vehicle’s turn signal means that it will turn.
Quickly turn on your headlights.
Wait until the other vehicle actually starts to turn and then start your turn.
Press the accelerator immediately.

7. If a railroad grade crossing has no warning devices or only a crossbuck sign, you should
Shift gears and proceed through the railroad crossing.
Increase your speed and cross the railroad crossing.
Slow down and then proceed with caution.
Stop within 100 feet of the railroad crossing.

8. You must NOT pass another vehicle if there is
An upcoming hill or an upcoming curve with insufficient visibility.
A school bus ahead with red flashing lights and an extended stop arm.
A solid yellow line next to your lane.
Any of the above.

9. If you are having vehicle trouble and need to stop, what should you do first?
Stop your vehicle over a hill or just around a curve.
Check your vehicle’s manual for help.
Lift the hood to signal an emergency.
Pull off the road, away from traffic.

10. _________ occurs on wet roads when your tires start to ride on water instead of the road.

11. If your brakes have become less effective because of water or rain, apply __________ until proper braking action has been restored.
More pressure to the gas pedal
The brakes lightly several times
Heat to your brakes
More pressure to the steering wheel

12. Before pulling out from a parallel parking space on the right side of the street, you must
Signal a left turn and look over your left shoulder.
Signal a left turn and look over your right shoulder.
Signal a right turn and look over your left shoulder.
Signal a right turn and look over your right shoulder.

13. _________ are the most frequent type of crashes on interstates.
Truck collisions
Rear-end collisions
Head-on collisions
Side collisions

14. If you are on a single- or two-lane road and come to an intersection with a divided highway or a roadway with three or more lanes, you must
Stop and make a right turn to merge into traffic.
Make a left turn to merge into traffic.
Yield the right-of-way to the traffic on the main road.
Do none of the above.

15. When you travel through a work zone, you should NOT
Prepare for the unexpected.
Increase your speed.
Change lanes to keep away from workers.
Watch for speed limit signs.

16. This emblem on the rear of a vehicle indicates
A school bus.
A Passenger bus.
A vehicle carrying hazardous materials.
A slow-moving vehicle.

17. Rear-end collisions are common on highways because many drivers
Follow too closely.
Do not use their headlights.
Take too long to brake.
Drive under the influence of alcohol.

18. quiz-img What type of sign is this?
Do Not Enter sign
Stop sign
Yield sign
A Wrong Way sign

19. quiz-img What does this sign mean?
Merging traffic ahead
Parking area ahead
Uncontrolled intersection ahead
Traffic signal ahead

20. When it looks like a collision may happen, you must __________ immediately.
Turn away
Increase your speed
Do any of the above