Car Quiz 10

1. Vehicles approaching a roundabout must
Yield to the traffic in the roundabout.
Enter the roundabout to the left of the central island.
Come to a complete stop and wait for traffic in the roundabout to clear.
Enter the roundabout at a speed of 35 mph.

2. quiz-img What does this sign indicate?
You must not enter the road ahead.
You must come to a complete stop.
You must make a right turn.
None of the above are correct.

3. Which of the following statements about school zones is FALSE?
Be aware that children have minimal perception of vehicle speeds and distances.
In a school zone, you must reduce your speed to the posted speed limit.
You should not yield to pedestrians in a school crosswalk that does not have a school crossing guard.
In Indiana, the fine for speeding in a school zone may be doubled.

4. A single solid white line across the road at an intersection means that you must _________ for a traffic signal or sign.
Stop behind the line
Slow down after crossing the line
Stop after the line
Cross the line

5. quiz-img This sign indicates
A construction zone ahead.
A Divider ahead.
a snowplow ahead.
A narrow bridge ahead.

6. What should you do if fog closes in completely while you are driving, and visibility is reduced to near zero?
Carefully pull as far off the road as possible and stop.
Use your low beams.
Use your high beams.
Slow down and take a detour.

7. To guard against glare from the headlights of a vehicle behind you, you must use __________ and adjust it before you drive.
A lighting filter
A dark-colored mirror
A day/night mirror
A reflective mirror

8. A “Speed Zone Ahead” sign means that you are approaching
An area where the speed limit must not exceed 75 mph.
An area where a lower speed limit has been established.
An expressway or freeway.
An area where the minimum speed limit is 70 mph.

9. When you come to an intersection and intend to make a move, you should follow the _________ rule before you pull out.

10. If you double your speed on a highway, your braking distance will be ________ as long.
Four times
Five times
Three times

11. In heavy rain, your tires can ride on a film of water and lose contact with the road. This hazard is known as

12. When a traffic signal turns green at an intersection and you are going straight through, you must
Make sure there are no more vehicles still in or coming through the intersection.
Stop and wait for the next signal.
Watch for turning traffic.
Drive as quickly as possible through the intersection.

13. To turn right from a four-lane divided highway, enter the right lane well in advance of the turn and make
A tight turn into the left lane of the cross street.
A Tight turn into the right lane of the cross street.
A Right turn at high speed.
A Wide turn into the right lane of the cross street.

14. Passing is not allowed on either side of a two-lane road when
There is a solid yellow line on each side.
There is a solid yellow line on one side.
There is a broken yellow line on each side.
There is a broken yellow line on one side.

15. Which of the following rules about turning is NOT correct?
When making a right turn, avoid swinging wide to the left.
Where there are no signs to control turning, you must turn into the lane farthest from the one you came from.
When making turns, go from one lane to the other as directly as possible without crossing lane lines.
When making a left turn, avoid cutting the corner sharply.

16. On two-lane highways, you are allowed to pass
While crossing or within 100 feet of an intersection.
While crossing or within 100 feet of a railroad crossing.
When there is a dashed yellow line on your side of the center dividing line.
When you are on a curve or approaching the top of a hill, and there is no clear view ahead.

17. When passing a truck or other large commercial vehicle, you must watch out for __________ of the vehicle.
The weight
The side, rear, and front No-Zones
The large mirrors
The length

18. quiz-img What does this sign indicate?
The left lane is closed ahead.
Left turns are prohibited.
Entry is prohibited.
U-turns are prohibited.

19. Before backing up your vehicle, you should look to the front, sides, and rear, and continue to look _________ while backing.
To the sides
In the side mirrors
To the rear
To the front

20. If another vehicle is passing you in the left lane, allow the other vehicle to pass you safely, and
Increase your speed to follow the vehicle.
Move your vehicle into the left lane.
Do not increase your speed.
Move your vehicle to the right edge of the road.